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Apparent misdeeds result in free credit monitoring for millions

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A class action lawsuit against credit reporting bureau TransUnion has resulted in a settlement that will result in millions of U.S. citizens getting free credit monitoring for as long as nine months.

If you had a credit card or even a student loan between 1987 and 2008, you may be eligible.

This development could be enough to get millions more citizens signing up for credit monitoring, which could result in a small reduction in identity theft.  I say “small”, because despite the rate of fraud and identity theft, many will just be too busy to go to the trouble of signing up for credit monitoring, or they’ll have initial zeal but will lose interest after a short time.

But don’t take *my* word for it – here are some independent news stories:

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…and when you are convinced that this is real, go here to sign up and make your claim:


In the settlement, Transunion has admitted no guilt.  And whether there is any actual wrongdoing or not is not my point.