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Showcase your cloud security knowledge with a CCSK cert

There are risks associated with the use of any new technology. Moving applications and data to the cloud has its economic benefits, but there are potential risks that organizations need to be aware of. Security professionals need to do their part and identify any risks associated with an organization’s desired move to the cloud, and manage those risks through the usual risk treatment.

To be effective, security professionals need to be acutely aware of the technologies involved, so that they may effectively identify and manage risk. Like so many specialties, there is now a certification available, Certified in Cloud Security Knowledge, or CCSK.  This certification is offered by the Cloud Security Alliance, the same organization that published its seminal Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing V2.1 (PDF download).

Candidates who wish to earn the CCSK must take a 50 question, one hour exam as a test of their knowledge about cloud security. More information on earning the certificate is available here.