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How to make 2013 your breakout year

SEATTLE. January 1, 2013, 12:01am

A person or organization has a breakout year when their skills and accomplishments help them ascend to a higher level of responsibility, visibility, and achievement. Often, someone has a breakout year when they are involved in situations where they excel and produce great results that are widely recognized. Often that leads to those persons or teams being rewarded with even greater responsibility, and more opportunity for achievement and greatness.

We can’t all be a Chris Christie, Andrew McCutchen, or Dan Straily, but we can excel and advance nonetheless. We can “bloom where we’re planted” and improve our lot and that of others.

Set Your Sights High

It is often said that high achievers get that way by setting big goals. Do not be afraid to set a “big hairy audacious” goal for yourself, and then do what you can to achieve it.

Don’t Be Discouraged by Failure

The world’s great achievers (including Edison, Tesla, Curie, and Churchill) did not become famous overnight, nor were they born with superhuman qualities. Instead, they had only fierce determination and a drive to keep trying despite repeated failures and setbacks. Every time they met failure, they got up, dusted themselves off, and set their eyes back on their goals and tried again.

Remember that every great achiever failed numerous times before they succeeded. Learn from your setbacks and try again!

Adopt a Servant’s Attitude

Ronald Reagan once said, “There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.” So many people are distracted by posturing, politicking, and looking good – that’s all energy they could be putting into their effort instead. An individual or a team that is focused on meeting goals instead of looking good is far more likely to accomplish what it has set out to do.

I invite you to adopt a new ethic in your work. Rather than dedicate yourself to service to yourself, make it your life’s purpose to serve others. You’ll be surprised at the results, and the rewards you will receive by putting others first.

Adversity May Be Your Path

A breakout year may not mean fame, glory, and riches. Instead, you may find yourself going through difficulties that may be causing you to ask, “Why me?” However, this may be the path that takes you to your own breakout year.

Years ago, I faced adversity in my personal life that shook me to the core. Those who know me understand when I call that time my “dark year(s).” But it was in the face of that adversity that my circumstances changed in miraculous ways, leading to a breakout year in both my personal and professional life. In many ways I’ve been riding the crest of that wave from then until now.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

I know plenty of people who are obsessed with what they are doing every minute of the day, and how they appear to others. To that I would say, “relax!” Allow yourself to make mistakes, and even take a moment (perhaps later on) to laugh a little bit at the memory of some of your blunders.

Your most powerful response to everything that your career and your life has to offer you is your response to those things that happen to you, for better or worse. Keep your chin up and remember that you will be here another day – a day of potential triumph.

* * *

Make this your breakout year. After all, you deserve it – you really do.  This will be my breakout year, and there’s plenty enough for the both of us.