SaaS Security Risk and Challenges (ISACA) (a collaboration with Ejona Preçi)

The Fifth Option in Risk Treatment (BankInfo Security)

‘Clean Out Your Contact Lists’ – Contact Data Can Be Toxic (BankInfo Security) (PDF)

What Makes Organizations Resilient and Why You Should Care (Optiv Security)

That Time I Clicked On a Phish (Optiv Security) (PDF)

Employees’ Contribution to Breach of Trust (Optiv Security) (PDF)

Remote Work: Making the Culture Shift (Optiv Security) (PDF)

Control Maturity vs. Control Risk: A Client Discussion (Optiv Security) (PDF)

OCC Updated Guidance on Third-Party Risk (Optiv Security) (PDF)

Recovering From a Credential Breach, Part 1 (Optiv Security) (PDF)

Recovering From a Credential Breach, Part 2 (Optiv Security) (PDF)

Third-Party Breaches Will Continue Until Morale Improves (Optiv Security) (PDF)

Service Providers and PCI Compliance: Part 1 (Optiv Security) (PDF)

Service Providers and PCI Compliance: Part 2 (Optiv Security) (PDF)

Service Providers and PCI Compliance: Part 3 (Optiv Security) (PDF)

Thoughts on Breach of Trust vs. A Breach of Security (Optiv Security) (PDF)

Stopping Privilege Creep: Limiting user privilege with access reviews (Search Security) (registration required)

IAM Evaluation and Deployment Guidelines (TechTarget) (registration required)

Managing Identities in Hybrid Worlds (Information Security Magazine)

Taking a Wider View of Application Security (Software Magazine) (PDF)

Protecting Apps and Data with a Disaster Recovery Plan (Software Magazine) (PDF)

IVista’s Anti-Malware Enough? (NO!) (SearchSecurity)

Identify Vulnerabilities with Application Scanning Tools (Software Magazine) (PDF)

CISSP certification can serve as introduction to regulatory compliance (SearchSecurity)

7 security mistakes companies make (ComputerWorld) (PDF)

For an infosecurity career, get the technical basics first (ComputerWorld) (PDF)

Six ways to justify security training (ComputerWorld) (PDF)

Integrity begins within: Security pros lead by example (ComputerWorld) (PDF)

Is Microsoft ignoring the biggest source of security threats? (ComputerWorld) (PDF)

Security predictions for 2004 (ComputerWorld) (PDF)

Vulnerability Management Ushers an Era of Technical Risk Management (Software Magazine) (PDF)

Patching rhythm: start a new patch process (ComputerWorld) (PDF)

Four ways to secure your company on a shoestring budget (ComputerWorld) (PDF)

Lessons learned from the blaster worm (ComputerWorld) (PDF)

Security in the software development life cycle (SearchSecurity) (PDF)

Secrets to the best passwords (ComputerWorld) (PDF)

Tipping sacred cows: Make bold decisions to protect your information (ComputerWorld) (PDF)

Is an asset inventory in your company’s future? (ComputerWorld) (PDF)

Condition Orange: What to do now to secure your systems (ComputerWorld) (PDF)

Infosec books for IT managers (ComputerWorld) (PDF)

Are Security Certifications Worth It? (ComputerWorld) (PDF)

The roles of the corporate CISO and CPO (SearchSecurity recorded webcast)

Security training for IT managers (ComputerWorld) (PDF)

Keep IT managers on top of security (ComputerWorld) (PDF)

Solaris 8 user administration tools (InformIT) (PDF)
……. Sample chapter is from the book Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 8 Study Guide


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