Computer Technology Investigators Network code of ethics

C.T.I.N. is dedicated to improving methods for investigating and prosecuting crimes involving advanced technologies. Members are dedicated to mutually assisting each other in the pursuit of that goal.

* Members will always use what they learn through C.T.I.N. for the betterment of its members and their sponsoring organizations.

* Members agree to respect the confidential nature of any information, procedures, or techniques they become aware of because of involvement with the C.T.I.N.

* Members will not disclose such confidential information to anyone who is not a member in good standing of the C.T.I.N. without the written permission from the Chapter Board of Directors.

* Members will never reveal the professional confidences entrusted among one another except under circumstances consistent with the purpose of C.T.I.N.

* Members will never misrepresent their employment, intentions, or professional affiliations.

* Members will refrain from eve the appearance of impropriety detrimental to the C.T.I.N., its purpose, or its members.

* Members will use their best efforts to support the integrity and competence of the C.T.I.N. and prevent the subversion of the association.

* Members will seek to attract to C.T.I.N. those persons meeting membership criteria and who can contribute to the association and it’s purpose.

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