Securing the Vista Environment

Securing the Vista Environmentby Peter H. Gregory, CISA, CISSP

First Edition: April 2007
Format: PDF
Pages: 78

“Securing the Vista Environment” takes you on a quick tour of the most significant security features in Vista, Microsoft’s first revision of Windows in almost six years.

You’ll get background on threats and vulnerabilities that will make you think differently about security. Security is more than just the technology and configurations–it’s about how we use the system that makes it secure or not. Then we’ll cover Vista’s security features, from user privileges to Windows Defender, User Account Control, and BitLocker, as well as strategies for protecting your information from unwanted disclosure and accidental damage and loss.

Table of Contents
Why Security Is Needed
New Security Features in Vista
Setting Up User and Group Accounts
Event Management
Protecting Against Malware
Filesystem Security
Network Security
Physical Safeguards
Strategies for Protecting Your Information
Staying Current On Security Issues

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