IT Disaster Recovery Planning for Dummies

IT Disaster Recovery Planning for Dummies
by Peter Gregory, CISA, CISSP

Don’t let natural or human-made disasters knock out your business. Be prepared for anything from hurricanes to hackers

Disaster recovery isn’t just for dummies – read the Amazon review

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It would be tempting to make all sorts of snide comments about a Dummies book that wants to take a serious look at disaster recovery of your IT area. But this is a Dummies title that you’ll actually go back to a number of times if you’re responsible for making sure your organization survives a disaster… IT Disaster Recovery Planning for Dummies by Peter Gregory. It’s actually the first book on the subject that I found interesting *and* readable to an average computer professional….” read the rest of this review here and here.

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Some disasters get coverage on CNN – some just create headaches for the affected organization. The right plan will get your business back on track quickly, whether you’re hit by a tornado or a disgruntled employee with super hacking powers. This book shows how to assess the situation, develop both short-term and long-term plans, and keep them updated.

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9 thoughts on “IT Disaster Recovery Planning for Dummies

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  8. Kunle Akinloye

    I am so excited to say that this book is a great IT resource for every IT professional. I bought and read this book from cover to cover for my M.Sc. dissertation and I then proceeded to develop a Disaster Recovery Plan for a small server room (a passive file server cluster), and I passed my project successfully.

    What I like about the book is the plainness and simplicity of language, as well as the methodical structure of information in the book. Peter Gregory, you hit a great home run on this one!!! Fantastic!!! I doff my hat with all reverence and enthusiasm!!!

    1. Charles Tunji Abereoje

      @ Kunle Akinloye. Thank you for you message on Securitas Operandi. It’s offered an opening to me. I’m about finishing an MSc Risk Management and been worried about an area to write dissertation in. With a degree in Civil Engineering and spending the last 15 years in IT (I now work in Risk Management – Local authority), and Managing a number of IT Projects (Prince2 Practitioner qualified), I believe that Finance is not the way I would like to go, hence my choice of dissertation topic. I’d been looking at Risk in IT which brought me in line with CISSP. A bit of further research brought about your details. Please get in touch with me, I will like to know a bit about the pitt-falls you faced before, during and after your project. Thank you in advance.


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