CISSP Guide to Security Essentials, 2nd edition

CISSP 2 CoverSimply the definitive textbook for teaching CISSP study courses as well as information security survey courses

Unlike other CISSP study guides, CISSP Guide to Security Essentials includes:

  • Case Studies, which help the reader apply lessons learned in the text
  • Case Projects, which take the reader even deeper into security topics
  • Glossary at the end of each chapter, and at the end of the book

CISSP Guide to Security Essentials is an instructor’s textbook. In addition to the book, instructors can obtain a full set of instructor materials that make teaching a CISSP or security study course practically turn-key. Materials available for instructors include:

  • Template syllabus for 10-week and 15-week study courses. Instructor can use this to easily build a syllabus for their course.
  • Answer key for the practice questions at the end of each chapter.
  • In depth discussion for each Case Study and Case Project.
  • Full powerpoint slide decks, one for each book chapter. Because the slides are in powerpoint form, instructors can add their own material as needed.
  • Windows-based exam test bank – helps instructors administer practice tests in hard copy or online.

Access to the Cengage Security community of instructors.


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