CISA All-In-One Study Guide, 2nd edition

“This is the best CISA exam prep book available” Amazon reviewer


Complete coverage of all current domains for the ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor exam

Ideal as both a study tool and an on-the-job reference. Here is why – over 500 pages are devoted to actual CISA certification study – but every IT audit professional knows they can’t know everything about every aspect of information security. After the exam, this same content serves as insightful reference material. Over 100 pages are devoted to post-exam professional content on conducting professional audits and on control frameworks.

Filled with practice exam questions and in-depth explanations

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Customer review:

This is the best CISA exam prep book available.

When studying for the CISA, I started with the official CISA Review Manual from ISACA. However, I quickly turned to the All-in-One Exam Guide instead, as it is much more readable and usable as an exam prep resource. The CISA Review Manual should be used as the definitive resource to determine if something will or will not be on the exam, but there is a difference between the “definitive resource” and the one that will most help you pass the exam. The CISA All-in-One guide is the one that will help you pass the exam.

With the help of this book, I not only passed the exam, but also received the award for the highest score in the world for that round of exams.

Here is my advice for preparing for the CISA exam:
– Read the All-in-One Exam Guide cover-to-cover
– Work through the practice questions provided by ISACA
– Use the All-in-One Exam Guide to review any weaker areas identified by the practice questions

Good Luck!

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