Online communities

Online communities I have started and continue to manage include:

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Biometric Security – for those who are interested in the use and application of biometric-based security controls.
CISA Forum – for those who are interested in learning more about the Certified Information Systems Auditor certification. Started in 2002 and now has over 4,000 members.
Certified CISA Forum – open only to individuals who already hold the ISACA CISA certification. Since 2005.
  CISA Jobs – for IT auditor positions. Since 2007.
CISM Forum – for those who are interested in the Certified Information Security Manager certification. Since 2002.
Dummies Book Authors
Pacific CISO Forum – a private professional group. Since 2003.
Security Plus Certification – for those who are interested in the CompTIA Security+ certification. Since 2002.
Security Strategies – for those who wish to discuss and learn more about the development of security and other protection-related strategies for businesses. Since 2002.
Privacy Strategies – for those interested in information privacy and strategy development to achieve same. Since 2002.
Pandemic Contingency Planning – for those interested in business-related planning in the event of a global pandemic. Since 2006.
Vista Security
WLTG Alumni – a private alumni group. Since 2003.
Miata owners
Yamaha Star Riders

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I participate in other online communities including:

Pacific Northwest CISSP
Security Policy
Computer Book Authors
Technical Writers and Editors

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