Advisory boards and memberships

Board of Advisors, University of South Florida program for cyber security education for executives.

Board of Directors, emeritus, InfraGard, Evergreen State Chapter

Board of Advisors, Paymentgear

Board of Advisors and lecturer, the NSA-certified University of Washington Certificate Program in Information Assurance & Cybersecurity (Press Release)

Board of Advisors, University of Washington Certificate Program in IT Audit

Board of Advisors and lead instructor emeritus, the University of Washington Certificate Program in Information Security

Instructor Profile

“I enthusiastically recommend Peter as a dynamic instructor, a skilled author, and a caring mentor for me and other professionals in the field of information security.

Despite his demanding professional schedule, Peter maintains the highest standards in his teaching, writing, and all his relationships with people. As his student and a reader of his books, I am impressed with his expertise, his teaching, and the clarity of his technical writing.

We are fortunate to have such a well connected industry leader to guide the UW Information Systems Security Program. By encouraging us to attend industry events and recruiting first rate guest speakers, Peter integrates IT professionals in our program with other security professionals working throughout the region.

Peter’s integrity and commitment to his students is apparent in everything he does.”

– an unsolicited recommendation from one of the students in the 2009 cohort

Executive Steering Board,emeritus, SecureWorld Expo Conference, Seattle

Founding Member, Pacific CISO Forum

The Agora



Founder and moderator of several online communities, including: CISA Forum, Certified CISA, CISM Forum, CISSP Study Group, Security+ Forum, Patch Management Strategies, Security Strategies, Privacy Strategies, Concur Technologies Alumni, WLTG Alumni, Western Wireless IT Alumni, Miata Enthusiasts, Yamaha Star Riders

Instructor Emeritus in the SANS Mentor Program.

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