A Chromebook is likely the only laptop you need

“Google rocked the computer world in 2011 with the introduction of the Chromebook because there was nothing on the market quite like it. It was and still is an affordable laptop that offers an internet-centric platform. Today, more than 50 million Chromebooks are used in classrooms by teachers and students in blended learning environments that allow students to have unlimited access to educational resources. Chromebooks are also increasingly being used by businesses, remote workers, and digital nomads that need an inexpensive laptop that allows them to work from the office, home, or the nearest coffee shop. The Chromebook has evolved far from its humble beginnings and will likely be the only laptop you need.”

The preceding is the opening paragraph in Chapter 1 of the upcoming book, Chromebook For Dummies, 3rd edition.

The core statement here: Chromebook is likely the only laptop you need, is due to the security, simplicity, and utility of the Chromebook. Secure, because it has the first OS built with Internet security in mind (Unix and Windows were designed before the Internet, in the dial-up era). Simple, because it’s pared down to modern essentials. Utility, because in today’s online Internet world, the Chromebook is exceedingly useful.

Windows and Unix (Linux, Mac, and others) systems are highly complex and packed with features that 99% of end users will never use. Yet, users pay a premium for more RAM and larger hard drives to store and run these complex operating systems when, 98% of the time, we only need to use a browser. Most of us use only a browser when we use a laptop, so why would we purchase expensive, feature-rich machines when a Chromebook, at a fraction of the cost, gets the same job done?


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