Cybersecurity Pros: Be Sure To Stay Relevant

The tech sector is experiencing layoffs in significant numbers – tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands by now. I’m old enough to remember several recessions – this is all a normal part of the boom-bust business cycle.


Several tech industry articles (here, here, and here) cite that cybersecurity professionals are still in high demand.

If you are a cybersecurity professional, I caution you to avoid thinking you are layoff-proof: many cybersecurity professionals are losing their jobs. Instead, take an inventory of your skills and certifications, and identify any gaps that might make you a weak candidate if you find yourself in the job market. Even in our business, applicants are quite competitive, so I’d advise you to honestly appraise the effectiveness and visual appeal of your resume. Hire a resume coach if you need to. I don’t want to see you unprepared if you are caught in a layoff.

To help identify skills gaps, look at cybersecurity job listings on LinkedIn, Indeed, or whatever platform you prefer. Understand what skills and experience companies are looking for, and how you compare. There is no better time to be honest with yourself.

I’m speaking from experience: I’ve been laid off twice in my career. It hurts a lot, and it can be hard at times to keep a positive attitude. I’ve been through all of it. Don’t blame yourself if you are targeted for a reduction in force.


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