Computer Glasses

I suffered from eyestrain from working on computers all day long, until my optometrist recommended computer glasses. I had not heard of them before, but could not work without them today.

What computer glasses are – prescription eyeglasses with a specific strength where the eyes are completely relaxed (as though looking at objects far, far away, which completely relaxes the muscles that shape the eye’s lens) when viewing objects about an arm’s length away (the typical distance to a monitor). Further, my computer glasses have a yellow tint that blocks excessive blue light – more benefit that helps prevent cataracts, macular degeneration, and retina damage. 

I also use those “night light” features on laptops, tablets, and smartphones that reduce blue light after hours. I used to purchase third-party software to do this, but modern OS’s have this as a standard feature nowadays. 

More info: (not a product endorsement, but an informative article). 


1 thought on “Computer Glasses

  1. Chad Taylor

    Thanks Peter. I’ll ask my eye Dr about these.

    Thank you,

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    Central Time Zone (Kansas City)
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