Celebrating Twenty Years of Blogging

My first website was on the air in 1996, created with a tool I no longer remember (it might have been HoTMetaL), and later with Dreamweaver. That website exists only on Archive.org, where most of it is preserved. While I’m not going to reveal its URL here, it’s possible that the right search terms might unearth it.

In 2004, I created peterhgregory.com on WordPress, and pulled forward the articles I had written for Computerworld starting in 2002. The oldest blog entry still available is entitled, “Tipping Sacred Cows: Make Bold Decisions to Protect Your Information.” Remarkably, the article is still on Computerworld.

From then until now, I have created 458 blog postings on a wide variety of topics, including security, privacy, IT, Windows XP, Miata, and numerous short excerpts from my many published books.

I was active on Twitter for a few years; during that time, I created fewer blog entries. After leaving Twitter in 2019, I’ve resumed my normal pace of one to four entries per week. Similarly, I left FaceBook in 2014, and never had an Instagram account. My social media presence is limited to this blog and LinkedIn.


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