Top Ten Phrases Heard on Videoconference Calls

Welcome to videoconferencing culture, where strange things can happen, and people sometimes struggle to make it work. Here are the things most often seen on Zoom / Teams / Webex video calls.

image courtesy petapixel [dot] com

10. Sorry, I could not find the mute button.

9. Can you hear me?

8. Can you make the text on your screenshare bigger?

7. I need to run to my next meeting.

6. Sorry I’m late – my last meeting went long.

5. You’re breaking up.

4. My Internet is slow today.

3. Sorry, my dogs are barking.

2. Can you please repeat the question?

1. You’re on mute.


  • I was double muted
  • (loud typing sound)
  • (chewing / slurping sound)
  • No, after you
  • Sorry I interrupted
  • Who just joined?
  • (talking w someone else, not muted)
  • (something embarrassing on the screen)
  • I / we can’t hear you
  • Sorry, I have to take this call
  • Be right back – I have a delivery
  • (screen notification that includes an embarrassing message)
  • Sorry, I’m in my car
  • (digging for gold – person doesn’t know the camera is on)
  • (loud airport announcements heard)
  • (sent in an email / text) The meeting codes aren’t working for me
  • Sorry I’m late, I had to reinstall the software
  • I can’t get the camera to work
  • I can’t install the software, I’m not a local admin
  • I’m having problems, what’s the call-in number?
  • I was all by myself on the call
  • How do I share my screen?
  • Where’s the mute button?

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