Welcome to the Misinformation Age

I’ve been in information technology my entire career, even during the years of my college education. In many positions I’ve held, I have done the work of connecting people and organizations to what we now know as the Internet. Many useful sources of reliable information have sprung up, resulting in the accumulated knowledge of mankind available anytime, anywhere.

But like many technologies, the Internet is slowly being co-opted by those whose narrative includes the twisting, distortion, and complete omission of historical facts. This is the way of man back to the beginning of history: things are invented for mutual and overall benefit, but some pervert these inventions for malicious purposes. For a short time, it was possible to rely on information found online as factual, but this is no longer the case. Even stalwart and highly reliable sources are crumbling before our very eyes, making it increasingly difficult to tell actual truth from the “truth” asserted by those driven by a fanciful narrative and who turn a blind eye to reality.

It is appropriate to ask the same question posed by Pontious Pilate long ago when he uttered the words, “What is truth?”

Difficult as it can be, each of us is responsible and accountable for knowing the answer to this question.

The Truth is out there, and it can be found.


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