Brainstorming and Risk Identification

Brainstorming some concept or idea in front of a whiteboard with other colleagues is one of our favorite activities (and one that we miss—we write this during the COVID-19 pandemic in which most office workers are isolated in their homes). In a brainstorming session, participants each have whiteboard pens and write down ideas that come to mind on some specific topic. Alternatively, one person writes down ideas spoken by others in the room.

The rule of brainstorming is this: silly ideas are not to be rejected, because that silly idea could lead to a great idea. For example, office workers are brainstorming ideas on what color to paint the office. Let’s join the discussion.


“Light brown.”

“Light gray.”


Wait a minute. Plaid isn’t a color. But they write it down anyway. This prompts another to say, “Let’s paint it two colors: white on interior walls to reflect light, and light gray on other walls.

”Rejecting “plaid” might not have led the team to the solution they ultimately chose, which was a bit different from what they all expected: a single color.

Thought and discussions about risk are no different. Dare to think outside the box and consider other ideas, which could lead you to new discoveries.

– excerpt from CRISC Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control All-In-One Exam Guide, to be published in early 2022

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