Contributors to CISM Exam Guide

My latest book, CISM [Certified Information Security Manager] Exam Guide – published by McGraw-Hill, was released a couple of weeks ago. I need to give a much-deserved shout-out to several individuals who were instrumental in getting this book written and completed.

  • Carole Jelen – my literary agent. If you want to write a tech book, or if you have written tech books but don’t have an agent, look her up.
  • Wendy Rinaldi, Editorial Director for the International & Professional Group at McGraw-Hill Education, and sponsoring editor for this book. She performed executive oversight for the entire authoring, editing, and production process.
  • Claire Yee, Acquisition Coordinator, who managed the project from week to week.
  • Jody MacKenzie, Editorial Supervisor, who managed the editing process.
  • Vivek Khandelwal of Macmillan Publishing Services, Ltd., who managed the entire copy editing process.
  • Kim Wimpsett, Copy Editor, who made sure that spelling, grammar, and tone were correct and consistent.
  • Richard Camp, Proofreader, who ensured that copy editing was done correctly.
  • Jack Lewis, Indexer, who produced the index for the book.
  • James Kussow, Production Supervisor.
  • Jeff Weeks, Art Director, who oversaw the creation of the draft and final cover art.
  • Jay Burke, Tech Reviewer and a former colleague of mine, who served as my right-hand man and subject matter expert in all things related to information security management. At my request, Jay wrote many examples, and generally made sure that everything in the book was correct, complete, and made sense.

There are many more at McGraw-Hill and elsewhere whose attention to quality has resulted in a high-quality book that will help aspiring information security managers learn more about the profession and earn their Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification.

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