Linksys Velop: Day 2

Pretty uneventful really. No problems since Day 1. Macbooks, iPhones, television are all working well.

Main Velop unit in upstairs hallway. Note temporary black Ethernet patch cord connection.

Velop LEDs are still red. I did a “send feedback” on the mobile app but don’t really expect an answer. I will do an online chat some time this week.

The dashboard is happy. Last night I inventoried the devices connecting to the Velop system and identified all of them. Our guests have a couple of devices I can’t identify; I think one is an X-Box and the other might be an Android phone. Both show up as “network devices.”

I successfully got live views from the Ring doorbell that I logically moved over to the Velop. This is highly important to us, so I’ll be keeping a close eye on it.  We have a second Ring doorbell that is still on the old Linksys repeater that I’ll swing over later this week if the first Ring unit remains happy.

Front door view from Ring


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