Time Magazine – Google Earth mystery solved

Time Magazine Google Earth mystery photo

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Time Magazine recently ran a “Top Ten Everything” series of articles. One of the series is entitled “Top Ten Finds on Google Earth“.

Finding number three is an interesting array of geometric shapes within a rectangular area on the ground, shown here.

Time Magazine reports that this was found on a military base in England. Military officials called it a motorcycle range and is apparently not saying any more about it.

I immediately recognized the pattern.

It is the standard template used by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for its rider training drills.  Various parts of the painted patterns are used to guide riders through different maneuvers that simulate different situations while riding on roads and highways.

The course shown in the Time Magazine article is the same layout as the course I took at Cheney Stadium’s parking lot a year ago, and also the same as the course used at the Church of the Nations in Tacoma. “On the ground” photos of an MSF training course with the same layout can be seen below.

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