Rules for our house for flu prevention

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(Our household consists of two adults and two teen-age girls in Jr. High and High School. We have recently enacted some rules for preventing the spread of influenza.)

1) Everyone washes their hands in the downstairs bathroom immediately upon returning from anywhere (bus, train, running, school, grocery store, church, etc.)

2) No washing at the kitchen sink. This is where we prepare food.

3) Each bathroom should have sanitizing wipes and they should be used daily or every other day to wipe down, in this order:

– door knobs
– surfaces
– light switches
– faucet handles
– toilet handles

4) No sharing of drinking glasses, water bottles, etc. Also, no using of our personal eating utensils for serving ourselves additional helpings of food. Use of a serving spoon is required so no more dipping into the main dishes with our own fork, no using our own utensils in the jam, peanut butter, etc.

5) Each person shall have their own hand towel for the upstairs bathrooms. The downstairs bathroom will be stocked with paper towels instead of a community hand towel.

3 thoughts on “Rules for our house for flu prevention

  1. Larry Rosen

    Peter – Great rules. Hope you don’t mind but I’ve passed them on to all of my friends (with full credit to you!). Everyone here has had their seasonal flu shot. Now just waiting for the H1N1 shot to be publicly available.

  2. beckhart

    I am happy to report that as of February, our household has not been hit by the flu bug this winter. It may be too soon to celebrate but no doubt, following the Rules has helped keep us healthy so far.


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