India to issue 1.2 billion biometric ID cards

Biometrics for Dummies available immediately to fill the knowledge void

Biometrics for Dummies

Biometrics for Dummies

India has decided to issue biometric ID cards to each of its 1.2 billion citizens. Delhi recently established the Unique Identification Authority that will assign unique ID numbers to each citizen.

This will create a demand for knowledge about how biometrics works. Biometrics For Dummies, published in 2007, meets that need. “This is a huge deal in the world of biometrics,” writes Mike Simon, co-author of Biometrics For Dummies.

“Like many populations, people may not embrace biometrics right away,” cites Peter Gregory, co-author. “Most people do not know how biometrics works, and whether biometrics can be used to pry into someone’s personal details.”

Biometrics for Dummies is available in many forms and from several sources, including:

Kindle (electronic) edition

Online bookstores serving India:



You may view the Table of Contents here (PDF)

Times Online article

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