Commentary on Microsoft and Mac

I’ve been a PC user for 25 years and switched to Mac last year. It is SO much easier to use, HIGHLY reliable, no hangs or reboots, no DLL hell. The Mac just runs and runs and runs, absolutely reliable, no performance problems.

I ran Vista last year and it is AWFUL: terrible performance, compatibility problems, booting took a long time, and it lost all of my data twice. After six months I switched that laptop back to Windows XP. XP is the last MS OS I am buying. We are either going 100% mac, or going to run Mac and Linux systems. Microsoft has been so completely disappointing with continued security problems (despite “the memo” in 2002, things have continued to get worse) that I have completely given up on them.

I have used PCs since 1985, and it’s really disappointing to see the direction that MS has taken. Windows is no longer a usable OS, but a symbol of the bloat and middle age that has occurred in the MS company itself.

I am sold on my Mac and wonder why I waited to long to switch.

If you switch to Mac, you will be amazed at how easy it is to use. You’ll be productive on day one, without all of the attendant problems present with Windows.

2 thoughts on “Commentary on Microsoft and Mac

  1. RS

    I cannot tell you how annoying it’s getting to see the message that says, “Updates are ready for your computer. Click here to install them,” nearly every single day! Then there’s the “restart your computer for the updates to take effect” message.

    BUT isn’t most of the entire world is still using MS OS?
    AND aren’t most of the updates fixes to prevent mass attacks by hackers, spammers, etc. from doing what they intend?

    So, if most of the world was using Mac, and Macs became the new, primary target of hackers, what then?

  2. peterhgregory Post author

    Hi RS – thank you for writing.

    If most of the world was using Mac, the hacker community would be giving it more attention, and they’d probably find a few more exploits. However, the design of the Mac operating system is based on Unix which is (by design) inherently more secure than Windows. This is a fact that is supported by research, but often refuted on purely emotional grounds by people who *wish* that Windows was more secure. Sorry, it’s just not – by design.


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