Does your organization need a disaster recovery plan?

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DisasterMany businesses, particular those that have less than one thousand employees, think that disaster recovery planning is something that is too difficult or too expensive to undertake. Another response is that of the avoider: it won’t happen to me. These assumptions have been perpetuated to the detriment of many businesses that unnecessarily failed.

Disasters come in many forms. Most people think of massive earthquakes and hurricanes. However, there are hundreds of disasters that occur on a regular basis, but they’re too localized and small to make the news. And not all disasters are ‘acts of nature’: there are many man-caused disasters that occur on a regular basis that cripple businesses just like acts of nature do.

Disaster Recovery Planning need not be expensive, and most businesses can (and should!) get started right away with even a small amount of planning that could prove highly valuable, in case the unexpected occurs.

Get the book, build the plan!

5 thoughts on “Does your organization need a disaster recovery plan?

  1. Kath

    There are a number of Online Backup service providers and with new entrants into the market, competition is becoming very fierce. This can only be good for businesses. The well-known security brand Symantec entered the market recently by acquiring SwapDrive Inc.

    View this video offering by Online Backup provider Connect. Beware of the avenging employee with a samurai sword….

  2. Carleton Place Public Library

    This is an interesting idea, and one that only recently was brought to our attention when libraries in the US were heavily damaged due to flooding. We had a fire more than 20 years ago at this library and the recovery was good, but I’m not sure there was a definite plan.

    So….your article suggests having one, and you say it can be inexpensive and easy to do, but you don’t give any suggestions. Where can I find this information?


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