Disaster recovery isn’t just for dummies

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Disaster Recovery is not simply about Katrinas nor earthquakes nor 9/11 catastrophes. Sometimes, the focus on these monumental events could intimidate even the most committed IT manager from tackling Disaster Recovery Planning. Disaster Recovery is really about the ability to maintain business as usual – or as close to ‘as usual’ as is feasible and justifiable – whatever gets thrown at IT.

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1 thought on “Disaster recovery isn’t just for dummies

  1. Bozidar Spirovski

    Actually, continuing “Business as Usual” is the responsibility of Business Continuity, not disaster recovery. Disaster recovery treats only the recovery of resources that assist the business, so the business can continue.

    On the other hand, you are quite correct that every business should plan for recovery and continuity. I have actually created several downloadable templates on my site to illustrate the process

    Bozidar Spirovski


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