Solaris Security™, the definitive guide then and now


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A security book just for Solaris® and UNIX® system administrators. Learn the specifics for making your system secure, whether it’s an organization-wide network or a standalone workstation. Expert author Peter Gregory has managed security for everything from top-secret corporate research facilities to casinos. Take advantage of his experience to build a secure, reliable system of your own.

Solaris Security™ looks at the physical, logical, and human factors that affect security, including:

  • PROMs, physical security, bootpaths, permissions, auditing tools, system logs, passwords, and more
  • Secure network interfaces and services for remote and Internet access, intrusion detection, access control, email, and printing
  • Enhanced security for NIS, NIS+, DNS, and NFS

A special section shows you how to plan for the inevitable disasters so you can recover your data quickly and accurately without compromising security. References to books, journals, and online resources will help you keep up with the latest innovations.

Purchase options:

eBook from Safari

Online from Amazon

Also available in Japanese and Chinese language editions

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