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Windows XP

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We run Windows XP on all of our home and work systems (which is almost 1,000 machines).

After mid-2008, we will have NO CHOICE but to purchase Vista when we want to purchase a Microsoft desktop operating system.

I ran Vista Ultimate for 10 months on a daily-use system and was SO FRUSTRATED with it that I switched back to XP Pro. The system runs much better, and all of our forensics software works properly again (most of the forensic tool vendors we work with are NOT producing Vista versions – I wonder why).

Securing the Vista EnvironmentAfter mid-2008, if I’m in a jam, I’m switching to Linux. That is, unless Microsoft continues selling XP or some other decent OS. Vista? No way.

I’m conflicted even saying this. I have written a Vista book, but I still can’t stand the OS.

This reminds me of the Windows ME debacle almost ten years ago. Windows ME was pathetic, and most people skipped it and waited for the next OS, Windows 2000. Vista is the new “ME” – the Windows version that most corporations are turning their back on.

I’m also thinking of purchasing some OEM copies of XP just in case I need it after mid-2008.

Bad VistaIf the next version of Windows (that is, the version after Vista) is also a bust, I’ll probably walk away from Microsoft’s products for good. Tens of thousands of you already have.

I believe I’m qualified to state this opinion. I’ve been using DOS and Windows daily since 1986. I also have 20 years’ daily-use experience with UNIX, and several years of experience with other operating systems (RSTS/E, KRONOS, VMS, RT-11, MacOS, and TOPS-10).

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