Make 2008 the year for safe computing

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Safer computing and Internet usage begins with us. We can take some simple steps to make our computers much safer, which will result in a much lower incidence of fraud and identity theft. Each of these steps is easy to do:

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1. Protect your computers with a firewall.

2. Get the spyware out and keep it out.

3. Keep your PC’s security patches up to date.

4. Make separate user accounts for shared computers.

5. Change your Wireless network to WPA.

6. Clean out your old programs.

All of these steps are free. You do not need to spend a cent to make your computers significantly safer. Longer article on this website explains each of the above steps in detail:


Learn more about safe computing. Order a copy of Computer Viruses for Dummies – this is a smaller-format Dummies book that talks about Viruses and also spam, spyware, firewalls, and other steps you need to take to make your computer safer.

Purchase hardcopy from

Purchase e-book

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