Get the spyware out and keep it out

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Spyware is used to snoop on your PC and Internet usage – most people find it offensive and a violation of their privacy. Spyware comes in many forms including:

  • Cookies – tracking your movement on the Internet
  • Browser helper objects – watching and (sometimes) intercepting your website usage
  • Adware – sometimes the source of those annoying popups
  • Key loggers – recording every keystroke and sending it to the spyware’s owner

Install one or more of the following anti-spyware programs. Scan your computer now, then scan monthly after that.

Spyware Blaster:
Microsoft Defender:

4 thoughts on “Get the spyware out and keep it out

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  3. theblogline

    Another tip is to remember that even though anti-virus programs are able to detect and remove spyware, its important to download specialized software such as those titles you listed to get rid of spyware.

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