On interim DR planning

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Most organizations will immediately recognize the risks associated with the absence of a disaster recovery plan. Knowing that having a full DR plan in place and tested may be more than a year in the future, many organizations will have a strong desire to have something in place while waiting for the full DR plan to be completed.

Often the something that is needed is an interim DR plan. This is a plan that can be created quickly and with minimal effort. It will not, of course, be as comprehensive as a full DR plan. It is rather like tossing a tow rope in the back of a car, knowing that major engine work is needed.

1 thought on “On interim DR planning

  1. Daniel Kilburn

    My opinion is that most organizations that dont have an Emergency Action (Disater Recovery) Plan in place, dont recognize the need for one. And yes it will take some time to develop them. They should have started quite some time ago. Lets hope the planners dont fail to include the people they expect to work for them in the plan.


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