Earth day: recycle your old PC

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Recycle your old PC and other electronics on Earth Day!

Only ten to fifteen percent of electronics are recycled – meaning 80-90% of discarded electronics are ending up in landfills, polluting the environment with toxic metals and other dangerous substances.

Instead of throwing your old PC and other electronics in the trash, recycle them instead.

Read a longer article here.

Here’s how: go to Computer Take Back and find out where to take discarded electronics in your state.

1 thought on “Earth day: recycle your old PC

  1. Hybrid

    Living a greener life is getting better every single day… I’m amazed to think just 3-4 years ago and compare it to now… the green movement has definitly exploded and sites like this are definitly a huge reason why…

    Sharing green tips lets exposes people to a lot of different things they can try to do their part for the environment 🙂 I’ll definitly will be visiting more often… We also have a list of green tips ( checked them out if you can and remember spread the word we’re defnitly on the right track lets just hope we’re not too late.


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