Would you walk away from your unlocked car?

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Today in a new-employee orientation in a $150M public company, I asked new employees if any of them ever walked away from their unlocked car, even if it was in a company parking garage.

None raised their hands.

Okay, I said, what if their car would automatically lock after fifteen minutes? THEN would they walk away from their unlocked car?

Still no hands.

Do you know where I’m going with this?

So if you won’t walk away from your unlocked car, why do you walk away from your unlocked PC every day, especially when locking your PC is just as easy as locking your car (even if you have one of those locking fob devices)??

What are the relative risks between your car being stolen or someone breaking in (or, if it’s unlocked, walking in) to your computer?

If your car is stolen, your insurance will replace it. If there were personal belongings in the car, your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance would replace it. You’d be inconvenienced for a few days while you replaced your car. If you had a garage door transmitter in your car, the thief might try to get into your home, so there’s a possible secondary loss.

If someone breaks into your computer, the intruder may find the passwords to your e-mail, banking, credit, savings, medical plans, and merchants, and would have an easy time perpetrating an identity theft on you that would cost you thousands in legal fees and ruin your credit rating (and ability to borrow money at competitive rates) for several years. The intruder might also find files about you: correspondence, financial records, bank statements, travel plans, photographs, a history of the websites you’ve visited, and a host of other things about you.

So, c’mon, lock your workstation when you’re away. You have a lot to lose, and it’s easy to protect. Your employer has a lot to lose, too, and you don’t want that loss to originate from your workstation, or do you?

How to lock your Windows workstation:

Method 1: Press Ctrl-Alt-Del, then press ‘K’

Method 2: Press Windows-L

It’s a very easy habit to get into, at least as easy as locking your car.

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