Floating bridge disaster scenarios

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The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge (Wikipedia) (WSDOT) is located in Seattle, Washington and is the longest floating bridge in the world (interestingly enough, the second-longest floating bridge in the world is just a few miles away – the Lacey V. Murrow bridge). Constructed in the 1960s, it is nearing the end of its service life. The Seattle area is pummeled by strong windstorms and earthquakes from time to time, and state highway and bridge engineers are concerned about the survivability of the aging structure in such scenarios.

The state transportation department commissioned a group to construct some computer simulations of bridge failures, both of which are shown here.


Wind storm:

For more information:

These videos were developed to educate the public with the risks associated with this aging bridge. There are currently several proposed plans on the table for replacing the bridge within several years.

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