WEP cracked, time to move to WPA

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Last week, some German researchers promised to demonstrate how they could crack WEP in under a minute.

They did it.

Using a 1.7GHz laptop, they cracked WEP in under a minute, 95% percent of the time.

Wow. And we thought WEPCrack was good.

By summer, I’m sure that there were be a nice selection of new WEP cracking tools available that can harvest WEP keys almost as fast as we can drive by them. Heck, there might even be a PDA version.

It’s time to switch to WPA. Now. Most newer access points support it. It’s not hard. Go to this page for links on popular access points and Windows.

Don’t wait.

(Update: the TJX intrusion was through WEP. Still not convinced?)






2 thoughts on “WEP cracked, time to move to WPA

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