Another reason I am using WordPress

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I was once accused of injecting malicious code into someone’s computer in order to discover the contents of their computer, through some means such as e-mail or a web site. Well, I have not sent that person e-mail in almost two years (and then, only because one was requested), so my web site would be the only other means of injecting malicious code into their computer.

home_project_wordpressorg.pngWordPress does not permit its users to include scripts in their web content. For example, were I to write some Javascript into this page, WordPress would automattically filter it out before saving the page. And, were I to create a URL on any of my pages that included a cross-site scripting attack, WordPress would filter that out too.

Even when I had complete control over my HTML, I have never knowingly hosted malicious scripts or code. Doing so is a blatant violation of the codes of ethics of the security organizations I am involved with ((ISC)², ISACA, InfraGard).

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