Organizations are losing their edge…

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Organizations are losing their edge in the realm of employee effectiveness and communications. The reason is that there are so many means for person-to-person communications available. Almost without exception, none are integrated with any other, and most are like a message in a bottle: you have to try and contact someone, without knowing their availability or ability to respond.

It is taking more and more time for workers to try and communicate with other workers, since they need to try one method after another, each time looking up their address, and each time not knowing whether the recipient is even “on the air”. There are few exceptions to this situation.

Unified Communications, or UC, will change all of this. UC brings together communications standards and protocols that will bind these now-disparate communications channels so that they will be more aware of each other, and a lot easier to use. This will begin to dramatically improve worker effectiveness as well as enhance customer satisfaction.

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