Use a privacy filter if you work in public places with your laptop

8 of 10 laptop users are victims of shoulder surfing

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I ride the train every day to and from work in Seattle, and sit in close quarters with many other persons, some of whom could be customers, competitors, or others whom in my opinion shouldn’t see what’s on my computer screen.

Advances in today’s laptop screens in terms of viewing angles has been great, for situations where you do want many onlookers to be able to see what’s on your screen, but undesireable when you do not.

Laptop privacy filterTurning down the brightness on your monitor is only a partial help – in many cases ineffective given today’s super-bright screens. I suggest you purchase a privacy filter – a polarized thin plastic screen that you can slide in front of your laptop screen when you don’t want others to see what is on your screen. These filters are held in place by tiny tabs that you glue onto the corners of your screen (to the outside bezel, not to the screen surface itself). This permits the screen to be easily slid out for situations where you do want others to see what’s on the screen; it’s easily replaced when you’re done sharing. You can find these online from many merchants. Use the search, “laptop privacy filters” as a start.

Still skeptical? Read this news story: 8 of 10 laptop users are victims of shoulder surfing:

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