Need a quick computer science research paper?

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Some people with apparently too much time on their hands created a Computer Science research paper generator that’s really quite impressive. There is at least one case where such a paper was accepted for an actual academic conference (much to the later embarrassment of the conference organizers who were apparently unprepared for such a well thought-out ruse).

Go here to generate research papers of your own:

I created my own such research paper, Decoupling Compilers from Reinforcement Learning in SMPs. The abstract reads, “Internet QoS must work. In our research, we argue the development of IPv7, which embodies the natural principles of robotics [9]. We motivate an analysis of thin clients (Entitule), which we use to argue that vacuum tubes and Web services are largely incompatible.” It’s a truly great paper. I put, maybe, seven seconds of work into it. I think I’m on to something seriously good here.

If you aren’t happy with a report, generate another one – you’ll have to wait 3-4 seconds.

For the humor impaired: this is for entertainment value only. My professional codes of ethics (ISC2, ISACA), as well as my good judgment, obviously prohibit such things from my profession. If you still think I’m serious, go here, or here.

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