Use Password Safe to manage passwords

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If you have several online services accounts (e-mail, banking, etc.), then you are probably challenged with the task of remembering all of your different userids and passwords.

  • Surely you are NOT using the SAME password on all of these sites, God forbid!)
  • I hope that you are NOT storing them in an Excel worksheet (even if it’s password protected)
  • Maybe you have them written down, but NOT somewhere that is easily found by others

I recommend you use the Password Safe tool to store and manage your passwords. Password Safe, originally developed at Counterpane, is now open source at Sourceforge.

Some of the features and advantages of Password Safe are:

  • Password vault encrypted with AES, making it impervious to attack, even by determined individuals.
  • Comes with a good password generator that you can use when starting a new account or changing a password on an existing one.
  • Once in place, you need not ever see your password, which is handy if you are logging in when others are watching (“shoulder surfing” will no longer be a useful attack).
  • Password safe also remembers your URL, so you can also go to the site with a single click.
  • It copies your userid and password into your clipboard for easy pasting into your login screen (whether for a web browser or client application). You can also clear your clipboard easily if you’re concerned about that.
  • Permits you to arrange your accounts by category, making them easier to find if you have a lot of them (like me).

Here are some screen shots (click to enlarge):

Password Safe Main Window ….. Password Safe Entry

Download Password Safe here:

3 thoughts on “Use Password Safe to manage passwords

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  2. Privacy Screens

    I do think password safe is a great tool. It certainly helps combat the problem of password theft. There are many steps you can take to prevent id theft. Shoulder surfing is very common so the use of privacy filters like that by CellSavers can prevent shoulder surfers in the first place.

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