Marriott Rewards contest mimics phishing scams

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Marriott contest asks for name, address, date of birth

Marriott Rewards sent me an e-mail that so closely resembles a phishing scam that I did not comply with it. While I’m a Marriott Rewards member, I refused to follow through with it.

They are promoting some sort of a sweepstakes, and to enter, I am required to enter my name, full address, and full date of birth (month, day, and year), and (optionally) my phone number.

This is precisely what phishing scams do.

I wrote to Marriott, telling them that this is irresponsible and only serves to confuse private citizens who are already having enough trouble discerning genuine emails from phishing and fraud.

Here is news about a real Marriott scam. And another one.

In 2005, Marriott lost data on over 200,000 customers. Maybe they’re not thinking seriously about security yet. If not, what will it take to wake them up?

2 thoughts on “Marriott Rewards contest mimics phishing scams

  1. fred

    I also received one of these letters. I hear about these scam letters all the time at work. I gave mine to the Postal Inspectors
    for them to handle it. They frown on scams coming through the mail.
    They will probably work with the Canadian police to help catch these scammers. I hope they get what they deserve.


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